How To Dress Like A Princess

Lea definitely took cues from our favorite Ice Queen. With embellished touches reminiscent of snowflakes, the real-life Disney legend rocked it on stage, like she always does.

I Dare To Dream host Janina wore a simple gown that was inspired by Rapunzel. She took the girly color palette of the Disney princess and made it appropriate for evening wear by simplifying the silhouette and adding a touch of sparkles.

Taking cues from Disney’s newest princess, Julie Anne wore a printed and adventurous two-piece gown that screamed Moana. Taking it a notch further, she accessorized appropriately with beaded necklaces, dangling earrings and a gold cuff.

Putting a modern twist to the iconic gown of Belle, Aicelle embraced the yellow and off-shoulder features from the original animation. However, she made it her own by incorporating cleaner lines and adding extra length that swept the floor gracefully.

Changing up the neckline of a gown really can make all the difference, as Morisette proved in her Cinderella-esque ensemble. The I Dare To Dream star sported a plunging cut that was still sweet and classic.

And of course, let’s not forget the adorable girls of I Dare To Dream, who put their best foot forward on the red carpet, on stage and during their challenges.

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