Local Street Wear Labels

If you’ve ever stopped and thought about why Supreme is getting so much traction recently, the answer can largely be attributed to the rise of street fashion. Streetwear in itself is a little hard to define, but most of us consider it synonymous to urban culture, largely recognized by aesthetics that are simple yet graphic.

One to play on irony, Don’t Blame The Kids is actually largely inspired by things we remember from our childhood. Their cartoonish and colorful take on fashion has made them unique and is all about spreading positivity.

Celebrating local sports and the 80’s and 90’s Philippine culture is Tenement, a multi-concept lifestyle brand. But more than just streetwear, Tenement is a brand that’s all about relating to the youth of today, as well as a advocating a healthy and active lifestyle.

Practically synonymous to the local skate scene, THE has been in the streetwear business since 2007. The brand is mostly minimalist, with single-color shirts featuring the brand’s logo, as well as other timeless prints.

Progress likes to play around with the logos of other brands and replacing them with a version of their own (or in some cases, changing it completely). And since the company has been around since 2009, there is a vast collection of their logos running around.

Founded in 2010, The Artisan is equal parts writer and designer—they love to pen love letters and create fashion pieces out of it. Known for the DIY look of their designs, they specialize on cut and sewn pieces.

The designs of Girl In Transit have often been described as retro-futuristic because their items spark nostalgia but the aesthetic is very much sophisticated streetwear.

This retail concept also houses Boy in Transit, Transit Records, and other local and international complementary brands.

While it’s one of the relatively new players, born-in-2013 Royalty is a heavyweight in the local street scene. Thanks largely to the attention to detail given to each piece, from high-quality garments to the freshest and trendiest designs.

Unschooled was founded in 2007 with the target of “always [changing] the status quo.” And while the brand went on a hiatus for some time, they quickly picked up with wares selling like hotcakes last year.

Their earlier designs focused on cannabis culture, but their recent releases have veered away from and into more logo-centric graphic designs, audacious visuals and retro influences.

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