Why Mother and Childcare Industry

The market for mother and baby care products can be seen flooded with a number of brands claiming to be the best product for them right from skincare to hair care, breastfeeding equipments and baby wipes. Most young parents want to be sure that they are investing in the safest and most secure products for their babies.

The mother and child care market in India is estimated to be Rs 15,000 Crore, with a growth rate of 15 percent every year. According to Mintel’s research study, the below numbers indicate the concern of parents:

– 65% of mothers are distressed about the quality of ingredients being used in the baby care products.

– 55% of them are worried about the product function and its effect.

– 50% say that they are apprehensive that the product does not have any additives.

Henceforth, many brands are now foraying into mother and childcare industry, after witnessing the potential this market hold. Let’s take a look at the number of brands that have ventured into mother & childcare segment this year.

The major player in Consumer appliances, Philips is eyeing to venture into mother & childcare space. They are planning to expand their product presence into this segment in the next 18 months. Among the products, Philips’ plan is to expand the product portfolio across pacifiers, breast pumps, bottle warmers and sterilisers. Since a lot of mothers have difficulty in producing breast milk after delivery, the breast pump will be helpful.

Ratnam, President, Personal Health at Philips, India Sub-continent, said, “Health and wellness will be a key focus area going forward. We are trying to boost the mother and childcare space including our Avent Breast Pump and containers.”

Given the favourable outlook for mother & childcare market and the demographic wave, many startups have emerged. These startups are using natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, Ayurvedic substances in the products that are suited not only for green parenting but they also take care that the production process and use of these products leave minimum carbon footprints on the planet earth.

Today there are organic versions of almost all baby care products from skincare to food. Mamaearth has Wipes made of Bamboo plants, Mother Sparsh has water-based baby wipes of different varieties i.e. 98% water based, 99% water based for cleaning the body and face and hands of babies respectively.

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